Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

ALTAFLEX BAG: High Barrier

Covers and sausage casings

Packing for delicatessen, sauces, soups, dough, liquids and chemicals which can come from:

· Natural Origins (obtained from animals)
· Permeable Membrane (made from cellulose and collagen)
· Plastic (Those resulting from polymer’s extrusion according to the specific application)

We offer a varied range of formats for these products such as: rolls, cuts and caterpillars.

ALTAFLEX BAG: High Barrier

ALTAFLEX is a high barrier thermos-shrinkable bag, manufactured by multilayer tubular co-extrusion.

It is a high barrier material to gases and steam, it allows good sealability, is suitable for freezing, cooling and vacuum packing, ideal for the packing of food such as fresh meat.

The main difference with thermoflex MB is that it has a higher barrier and higher thermo-shrink percentage.