Comprehensive Packaging Solutions



We work every day as a family, believing that our main resource is the human talent, which daily strengthens our company. We are a motivated team, committed to strengthen our institutional values, constantly learning and trained to provide professional service and thus produce excellent quality products. THANK YOU.


Our human talent specializes in each of the processes that take part in the design, choice of raw materials, manufacturing, packing application and functionality. This is made in order to obtain a successful process for the production chain. PERSONALIZED ADVICE TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS.


We focus on the constant search of global trends so that we can lead in development and innovation and bring new proposals through a strategic approach, which is based on the systematic collection of the product, recording and analysis of the facts related to it, where we link consumers, customers and the general public.

In addition to the above, our goal is to identify and define the problems and opportunities generated by evaluating and improving marketing actions, helping our customers find themselves a hundred percent satisfied.


We have a prepress area formed by qualified personnel and likewise specialized tools that are at the forefront of technology in flexographic processes, providing alternatives that solve the needs of our customers regarding the design of their packing.

Our thermoformed designs offer 3D methodology, which enables virtual visualization of the packing before approving the order. CREATIVITY AND TECHNOLOGY. GIVE THE BEST PRESENTATION TO YOUR PACKING.

High Quality Printing


Our flexographic printing process is previously coordinated with our prepress area, which guarantees an excellent selection of color and high-resolution frames. In turn, we have presses up to ten inks and high definitions in polychrome, offering the possibility of obtaining from simple arts to photographs.

Laboratory and technical support

We have a sophisticated laboratory with measuring equipment that checks the quality of our packing, barrier properties, chemical resistance, mechanical and functionality. It also supports the production process for line materials and new packing developments.

Our company’s technical support is based on a permanent communication with our business advisors and their clients, with the lab support regarding test’s approval for “packing-product”, allowing the use our packing for different products.

Alipack invests in industrial samples so that its customers can validate the packing, filling, storage system, shelf life, storage, packaging and every one of the production and technical variables in their plants, and then determine whether the selected option meets all their requirements.