Comprehensive Packaging Solutions


Covers and sausage casings

Packing for delicatessen, sauces, soups, dough, liquids and chemicals which can come from:

· Natural Origins (obtained from animals)
· Permeable Membrane (made from cellulose and collagen)
· Plastic (Those resulting from polymer’s extrusion according to the specific application)

We offer a varied range of formats for these products such as: rolls, cuts and caterpillars.


Sheet made from co-extrusion of various polyamides. It is used for sausage pepperoni, mortadella, jamonadas, ham, brewers, salami, marinated meats and other typical products of the industry.

It also has broad applications in the packing of fruit pulp, cheese, dips, sauces, soups, fats, among others.

In addition to this, they are used in other sectors of the industry such as adhesives, cements, etc.