Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

TERMOFLEX MB BAG: Medium Barrier

Covers and sausage casings

Packing for delicatessen, sauces, soups, dough, liquids and chemicals which can come from:

· Natural Origins (obtained from animals)
· Permeable Membrane (made from cellulose and collagen)
· Plastic (Those resulting from polymer’s extrusion according to the specific application)

We offer a varied range of formats for these products such as: rolls, cuts and caterpillars.

TERMOFLEX MB BAG: Medium Barrier

It is a multilayer thermos-shrinkable bag (cover) resistant to tearing and puncturing. As for its applications, it is recommended for all type of products needing see-through packing material and excellent presentation.

This packing becomes a hygienic alternative, it ensures safety and thereby prolongs the life of the food during storage and also avoids possible cross contamination between them.