Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Additional solutions

Flexible packaging

Sheets, thermo-shrinkable sleeves and different types of specialized plastic packing, medium and high barrier, adapted to meet the needs of the different industry sectors.

The structure of each packing depends on the product needs as well as the oxygen and light sensibility levels. We always seek to extend the product´s shelf life and preserve its appearance, nutritional and organoleptic properties.

We offer various accessories, handles, dies and shapes. Solutions that complement our packing in order to provide strength, safety, convenience, freshness and preservation to products during long periods of transportation and storage.


Seal that gives you the choice to consume the product in portions and can be resealed to keep and preserve the product.


Attachment that allows resealing a bag by flexes at the height at which the product is located, which in turn minimizes the empty space inside the package.


15mm valve, easy open valve, Flip top Valve, Mini Valve, Resealable Tape, Tops, Hooks, 38mm Valve.


It controls the gas into the bag by reducing the CO2 content and restricting the entry of other gases. It also protects the qualities of the coffee beans, retains their flavor and fragrance.


Attachments handle type which complements the presentation of different types of bags as well as their functionality.


Designed to hold liquid and viscous products, and in some cases granulated products. This packing contains products with a sealant that replaces the 15 mm and 38 mm valve. That generates lower costs. By making an easy-open notch the customer can use it easily. Their structures can be laminated and co-extrusions. This sealer can be used on any type of packing, whether flat bags or flex up. INEXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE.