Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Flex up bag

Flexible packaging

Sheets, thermo-shrinkable sleeves and different types of specialized plastic packing, medium and high barrier, adapted to meet the needs of the different industry sectors.

The structure of each packing depends on the product needs as well as the oxygen and light sensibility levels. We always seek to extend the product´s shelf life and preserve its appearance, nutritional and organoleptic properties.


Multilayer bags, laminated (trapped printing and high gloss), with straight seals; its main feature is that they are self-sustaining after containing the product, and thanks to  the manufacture of its inverted pleat at the bottom they can replace rigid packing such as cans, jars and bottles.

They offer different types of barrier to gases, moisture, odors and other factors, which help with conservation, dosage and presentation of the products.

They also allow the use of attachments such as valves, zippers and dies, and in addition to this, they come in small presentations such as 150g, 200g and large ones as 2 kg of product.


Flex Up bags are ideal for product’s free samples or for personal doses. It has optional attachments to facilitate dosing. This presentation allows the use of transparent, pigmented, metallized and foil pack structures depending on the product.


In this category we can find Flex Up bags wider than 25cms. Ideal when presentations with large amounts of product are required. This presentation is focused on structures that provide mechanical strength in order to offer protection to the product and in this way ensuring the functionality of the package.