Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Flow Pack Bag

Flexible packaging

Sheets, thermo-shrinkable sleeves and different types of specialized plastic packing, medium and high barrier, adapted to meet the needs of the different industry sectors.

The structure of each packing depends on the product needs as well as the oxygen and light sensibility levels. We always seek to extend the product´s shelf life and preserve its appearance, nutritional and organoleptic properties.


Multilayer laminated bag in large and small formats, with ventral or lateral seals, with or without inverted pleats.

This type of bag has a clean appearance because it has not visible seals on the front face; it also allows you to add attachments that help with the preservation of the properties in the packed product.


A development designed for those customers who need to pack large amounts of product in an efficient, practical and safe way with excellent presentation. This format has very good performance and mechanical strength, achieving a flexible material with very good barrier to rupture and puncture.

This type of bag has the advantage of being printed by trapping, preventing the deterioration caused by rubbing from affecting its presentation.

In addition to this, it is versatile which allows it to be ideal for various purposes such as the packing of pet food, powder and grains, cereals, construction minerals, cat litter, paints, detergents, chemicals, coffee, among others.