Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Paper solutions

Flexible packaging

Sheets, thermo-shrinkable sleeves and different types of specialized plastic packing, medium and high barrier, adapted to meet the needs of the different industry sectors.

The structure of each packing depends on the product needs as well as the oxygen and light sensibility levels. We always seek to extend the product´s shelf life and preserve its appearance, nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Composed by sleeves, wraps and separators for food and medications, allow them to preserve the freshness of the product and not to alter its appearance, smell or taste.

This paper can be printed by flexography and in accord to the validation of test application which must be performed in each case.


DESCRIPTION OF THE MATERIAL: Food Paper suitable for direct contact with food. Does not alter the appearance, smell or taste of the product to be packed.


  • Separator sheets for cheese slices and hamburger (refrigerated).
  • Wrapping for butters and margarines.


  • High resistance to grease and moisture, the fat of the cheese does not accumulate at the edges, making an excellent presentation.
  • The material in the end use does not tear off when separating the slices.
  • High resistance to the movement of the grease prevents it from moving towards the outside of the package.
  • Low air permeability allows preserving the freshness of the product.


DESCRIPTION OF THE MATERIAL: Food Paper Suitable for direct contact with food. Does not alter the appearance, smell or taste of the product to be packed.


  • Wrapping for prepared foods (burgers, wraps, sandwiches).
  • Sheets for baking trays.


  • Medium resistance to grease and moisture.
  • Ideal for microwave heating.
  • Replaces butter as a way of unmold.
  • High release prevents the bread from sticking in the baking process.
  • Baking temperature resistant up to 230 ° C.
  • The product can be displayed on the paper once it has been baked.


DESCRIPTION OF THE MATERIAL: Pharmaceutical Paper thermo-sealable suitable for contact with foods and medications.


  • Packing for medicines that do not require a light barrier. (Acetaminophen, OTC, powders).
  • Beverages and powder foods, small bags type sachet.


  • Wide range of sealing temperatures.
  • High moisture barrier.
  • Finishing and surfaces suitable for printing.
  • Excellent performance in overwrapper machines.


DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL: Medical Paper of high density, totally free of impurities and with mechanical strengths.


  • Sterilizable packing bags for medical devices and surgical items.


  • Suitable for sterilization with ethylene oxide and / or steam.
  • Its mechanical strength provides additional strength to withstand high temperature, pressure and humidity in the sterilization process.
  • Compatible with all medical devices and also protects the sterile conditions of the content for extended periods of time.
  • Chemical treatment in the surface allows it to be opened without shedding fibers.