Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Pasteurizable Bag

Flexible packaging

Sheets, thermo-shrinkable sleeves and different types of specialized plastic packing, medium and high barrier, adapted to meet the needs of the different industry sectors.

The structure of each packing depends on the product needs as well as the oxygen and light sensibility levels. We always seek to extend the product´s shelf life and preserve its appearance, nutritional and organoleptic properties.


This material is designed for customers that need to “pasteurize” their products inside a bag or when it requires packing in hot at temperatures above 80 ° C.

It can also be presented as foil seal on PP trays that require thermal processing, freezing and microwave. The sealant layer of these bags is designed to withstand temperatures at or above 70 ° C and is a coextruded film with excellent mechanical properties of puncture resistance, light and moisture barrier, sealable and thermal resistance.